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As a Holistic Health Trainer, my aim is to educate people in a clear, simple and informed way about how their bodies should work so that they can lead vital, energetic lives.  We can all recognize the ease with which children move.  Their bodies are unburdened by the stress caused by the physical or mental issues we acquire as we grow older.  I address these issues by making extensive use of visualization techniques (Franklin Method) to promote correct, natural posture and movement, which enhances the flow of energy around the body.  I also use techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to address energy blockages that can impair this flow. Together they are powerful tools that are easy to learn and to practice at home.

For more information on the Franklin Method and EFT, please see FAQ page.



All sessions are devised to enable you to achieve your particular aim.  Usually this will be to make you feel balanced, mentally and physically.

At our first meeting, there will be a 10-15 min consultation where we will discuss your requirements and your general health.

Then we will learn simple tools to energize the body and mind to their full potential.

An example:

– Warm up to stimulate the body

– We discuss posture and learn very simply how the body is meant to work and how to distribute our weight correctly.

– We discuss breathing, learning how it works to benefit movement.  We incorporate voice work.

– Exercises

We will go through a series of short exercises to loosen key muscles in the neck, the shoulders, the ribs, the pelvis, the legs and the feet.  These are gentle exercises to connect the mind to the body.  We progress to your level where you feel comfortable and safe. No need to touch your toes, It is not about that.

The importance is to understand, with time and practice, how the exercises will strengthen your body when using correct posture throughout the day.



One on One    £60.00 for a one hour session   (in person or on Skype)

I am happy to give a 15% discount for a series of bookings or for groups.
Payments to be made by bank transfer.

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