We shape our thoughts thereafter they shape us

We shape our thoughts thereafter they shape us

I have been saying  and sharing these words in many of my twits, @catherinecheval

Because I believe these words to be true.

And have been reading and researching material to validate my quote.

One of the books is

Cure , a journey into the science of, mind over body. By Jo Marchant

” A well-researched page-turner…raises questions about the role of culture, environment and neurochemistry in our responses to treatment—and may very well lead to widespread changes in the ways we practice medicine. New York Post


Instead of reaching for the pills, as many doctors prescribe, As Jo found out, Doctors have no time ( ten minute slots to see their patients) , Not long enough to finding the root of the problem, just give a pill to ease the pain….

“ In a medical system based on evidence from trials results, the medicine we end up with depends on the trails that are carried out. So perhaps it’s not surprising that in western medicine, there is little attempt to nurture an harness patient’s psychological resources. Despite their best intention, medical professionals are working within a system that priorities access to medical technology and allows increasingly little space for the human aspects of care.” Jo Marchant

I truly enjoyed reading this book, I wanted more to be written on Alternative Medicine. CBT was mentioned. BUT not EFT . Alas. but at least acknowledgement of other modalities were mentioned to help to heal our mind and bodies. Too many to name.

Need toread the book

Be good to your body and your body will be good to you

Catherine Chevalier