“Working with Catherine has been an enjoyable, eye-opening and life-shifting experience.
She helped me gain some powerful insights to a persisting issue.

Every session we had triggered a new insight and a positive change. She has a wonderful ability to ask
the right questions at the right time, guide you through the process with ease whilst making you feel safe at all times.

Our sessions left such a positive and profound impact on me that it inspired me to train as an EFT practitioner myself.

I love her unique approach fusing stretching, imagery and tapping. I’m very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Catherine and for introducing me to this life-enhancing tool.

Thank you Catherine, I really appreciate the time we worked together, it has opened up my world.”

Chloe Gold


“Catherine Chevalier offers something very different to the contortions of yoga or the routine of Pilates, excellent though these can be…

Her programme incorporates a fusion of movement, breathing, stretching, focus and imagery that is wholly invigorating and energizing. She has studied exhaustively to present one on one or group sessions that will leave you feeling lighter, more flexible and invigorated in a way that other therapies and disciplines do not achieve in the same manner.

Catherine presents her courses with a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and humour that immediately cuts through the divide between participant and teacher. I cannot encourage others enough to try her method and reap the benefits.

An enthusiastic disciple.”

Peter Luke


“Catherine, you have helped me to become aware of the little bad habits in my deportment that I suppose we all accumulate over time. You have shown me simple exercises to correct these. When I do commit those very few morning moments to these exercises, especially the breathing routines, I feel just so much taller, straighter and better.

Thank you for showing me that no matter our age and how ingrained these faults can seem to be, we can act to rid ourselves of them and make ourselves feel so much younger! My series of lessons with you has really made a difference.

Many, many thanks.”

 Lady Lucy Brooke



“Catherine teaches mind and body awareness. I can give you two examples of the practical benefits. She has given me a ten minute morning exercise routine, short enough to have no excuses but long enough to leave me feeling flexible and full of energy.

She has shown me how to use imagery to engage the mind in the work the body is doing. The result is no more thigh burn when cycling or skiing. I am still hopeful that it will also result in a lower golf handicap!

I can recommend Catherine unreservedly to anyone interested in feeling better and staying flexible.”

Nick Hanbury-Williams


“Catherine came into my life professionally over two years ago. Her approach and knowledge of the human body is to be appreciated and admired. She also has a very soothing voice and presence, which is important for me and I am sure for all her clients. I look forward to her treatments immensely.”

Jill Fraysse