Hi! My name is Catherine,

I have been a professional actor and dancer for many years, so recognize the importance of good posture and movement.  I believe an understanding of how the body functions, together with imagery that connects the mind to the movement of the body, achieves greater flexibility with less strain.

I practise Yoga and Pilates and am a qualified Franklin Method Level 1 Educator.

I am also an EFT Advanced Practitioner and AAMET member.



My aim is to educate people in a clear, simple and informed way about how their bodies should work so that they can lead vital, energetic lives. We can recognize the ease with which children move. Their bodies are unburdened by the stress caused by the physical or mental issues we acquire, as we grow older. I address these issues by making extensive use of visualization techniques to promote correct, natural posture and movement, which enhances the flow of energy around the body. I use EFT to address energy blockages that can also impair this flow. Together they are powerful tools that are easy to learn and to practice at home.

You can find me on my Facebook page for daily updates, as well as on Twitter and Linkedin.

I am a registered member of AAMET - see my profile here.